Alan White’s World:A Retrospective

Alan White,the brilliant ex Green Beret,sarcastic Greek Classic Astrologer Extraordinaire,is no longer with us.He shuffled off his mortal coil in August of the previous year.

I would like to put into print,probably for the first time,some of his ideas as I understood them.
One of the more interesting obsessions he had pertained to the Outer Planets.

I will start with the planet Uranus.Alan called it the :”Transcendental Planet”.He did not see it so much as a planet which disrupted events it affected but as a planet which helped people bridge gaps in their ideas,so they could unite in common goals.
We see this clearly in the Transcendal Movement which took place in Concord,Massachusetts.Here;Emerson,Thoreau,Bronson Alcott,and Nathaniel Hawthorne tried to live with a unifying “transcendental”idealism in connecting all humanity with Nature.

With regard to the planet, Neptune.Alan dubbed it the Mimsendental Planet”because he said it brought about articicial things which mimicked real things.

With regard to the planet,Pluto,Alan regarded it as the planet which shrinks the size of matter:makes things much smaller and so brings about power by doing this:like the atomic bomb.

I hope that other of his friends which have in their heads Alan’s brilliant theories will also see fit to step out of the shadows and follow in my footsteps.

In my opinion,Alan was the big light of the Project Hindsight Collaboration,which was in itself a wonderful think tank of Classical Astrological ideas started by;Robert Schmidt,Robert Zoller and Robert Hand.


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