There Be Monsters:Mundane Forecasts:World Changes

Friends and Countrymen,get out the ice,Mars is coming through….!This planet whose symbolism is connected to rape,murder,fire,attacks,soldiers,war,heat,fires,cutting,rage,spices and confligrations of all stripes has just gone into the sign of Libra,tropically,a palce where it is in its detriment:in Classical Greek terms,has just made a “phasis”-at the beginning of a place where it appeared and spoke:waking up all the planets it had that conversation with.

It is now having a conversation with the eclipse point of last year and the outer planets:Uranus and Pluto and the Sun of the chart of America.The nature of the conversation goes something like this:”it is time for me,although I am weakly arrayed in Libra,a sign I hate,to bring about bedlum,make everyone angry,dissolve current contracts and detants of nations,relationships of all kinds,I hate contracts,and make everything burn to smithereens!”

The chart of the United States will go off,the President will be in the hot seat again with possible scandals and Congress trying to unravel the Healthcare Bill,open enemies will be numerously visable and will openly attack us possibly literally,nuclear issues and problems with nuclear cold war issues and Uranium will be in the forefront,demonstrations will pop out again in the near future, and the very fabric of the Constitution will be torn apart symbolically and a symbolic Betsy Ross will try to sew it back together again with dismal results.

It is at this time that the beginning seeds of a Watergate style scandal may truly begin to become evident with the administration.This is because of the eclipse of the Sun of this chart,mundanely speaking,representing the President.

The chart of Egypt is horribly affected by Mars and the cardinal points just cited,as well as the eclipse point.The country is going to explode into civil unrest of serious proportions.

China will find its real estate values turned to dust,problems with food,pollution and civil unrest bubbling away because of the conditions of the country.This week will begin a new chapter of negative events.Radioactivity,nuclear power,computor war by China on other countries and the negative use of power for controlling ends will be a theme brought into being.This trend will continue in the short fall.


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1 thought on “There Be Monsters:Mundane Forecasts:World Changes”

  1. Sarah Andrews

    ooohhh wow, open attacks, burning contracts… I can’t decide if I’m happy mars is finally out of Virgo or not, really, perhaps that is because of the fence sitting mars in libra. Either way, I just learned that mars rules spices, though i probably should’ve known.

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