There Be Monsters:Kaboom,The Current Atmosphere

The smell of brimstone taints the atmosphere right now:the Moon in Cancer is about ready to light the tinder in the heavens already awaiting the match.Mars in Cancer,Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn sit in a waiting tee-square ready for the final square aspect of this normally gentle planet,the pale Moon.

It will form a cardinal cross which will lie across the structure of the chart of the United States,already in the final throes of an eclipse effect,and it will blow up many many things within the country.
Heat on the physical,emotional and spiritual leval will waft everywhere.

Meanwhile floating atmospherics abound on another strata:here Ketu-the South Node,dissolves and deflates the value of value-Venus and Jupiter in Gemini,its detriment handle their conjunction with this malefic part of the eclipse pattern.
Values are dissolving and reforming in unexpected and harmful ways.This is not positive for the markets or the value of value.

Much is turning to dust,not to return for a long while.


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