There Be Monsters:Are People Born Evil:James Holmes

We often contemplate the question are “evil” people born that way or does nurture bring them into being?
This is a complicated issue,of course,but I would argue,that some are born that way and await a chart “tripwire” to bring their nascent evil into complete life.There are people born “bad” but you await a penultimate planetary transit or other planetary happening to wake them up from their sleep of personhood:it is at this point,that we become aware of the evil lurking behind thier being.

As I said on my Facebook Page,at the time immediately after the initial shooting,I do not believ that Holmes’s “evil” can be seen in his western astrological natal chart.To me it is not obvious at all and if just a confluence of planets in tight conjunction to each other,with a strong Mars,here in Scorpio,with Pluto in the same sign,and a tee-square formed with this confluence of conjunctions in Sagittarius ,early Capricorn-the Moon Ketu South Node, conjunction on one of the tees and the Rahu,North Node piece in Pisces,on another.

The Moon in Vedic Astrology represents is the “karaka” for the mind and body of an individual.Ketu,the South Node,described in an ancient text as, an “ensign” a “light in the darkness” a neck with its head absent,can be a “karaka”:symbol for a spiritual person who views life as a dream-who hence is unencumbered by earthly concerns,a mentally challenged person unteethered to reality or C,none of the above,instead,it can be this killer who “lost his head”through rage or hallucination and a demon urge to kill overrode his rational personality.

Ketu is connected to “mist’,here used by the killer as tear gas to blind his victims before he rained bullets on them with intent to kill.It is with the Moon which he has in the sidereal sign,Leo in the Nakshatras of Uttera or Purva Phalguni.ketu is in the Nakshatra Magha ruled by Ketu,the previous Nakshatras are ruled by either Venus or the Sun,be don’t have his time of birth yet.

Ketu,as they Vedic saying goes,”acts likes Mars” and Rahu,as the same saying continues to expand on,”acts like Saturn.Mars,is the planet of violence and attack,so here,it did indeed do this and its double Ketu adumbration makes this obvious.
Rahu here,forming the other leg of the tee-square to the confluence of planets goes into Aquarius and the Nakshatra,Mula whose Nakshatra ruler is,also Ketu,is connected to root causes,things which have their genesis far in the distant past,has symbolism reminiscent of the field of Science and Herbalism.

The Moon Ketu piece,pulsed with the Rahu piece,Saturn and Pluto,in this chart fall into Swati Nakshatra,ruled by Rahu,Saturn which acts like Rahu,is falls in Libra sidereally with Pluto-if you want to include this modern planet in your tradtional squation.

If we use the Sun as the Surya lagna,here with Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio and tenth from it,its public apprearence of this man’s public presentation,we some back to where we started with the Moon Ketu “conjunction”copresence in Leo with Ketu in the Nakshatra of the same aforesaid part of the tee square-here its public manifestation in its “killing machine”appearence.

Why did this man,who was born “evil”probably manifest itself,at this time,my answer would begin with the chart of the event itself,set for 12;01 A.M. July 20,2012 at Aurora,Colorado at the opening of the movie,Batman.
Let us also offer some astrologcial events which began the cascade of actions by this killer.Some are as follows:Solar eclipse January 4th 2011 at 13 degrees Capricorn tropically which land on his Neptune Venus Jupiter natal planets and go off for a year.The date of the shooting itself corresponding to the “eclipse point” of this initial eclipse whose pieces are held by the time of the event the Midheaven has Pluto,the planet associated with the color black,solipsism,control and power over others using force Nailed on the tenth house angle of the event:M.C.12 degrees Pluto 7 degrees and some change of Capricorn,with 12 degrres of Cancer nailed on the fourth house cusp,the same degrees as the chart of America,describing the fourth house cusp-the terroritoy of the movie theater itself.

These points and the eclipse degree and point of 13 degrees Capricorn,which was directly overhead at the time of the event,much like Coventry England,has an eclipse point directly overhead-at the time it was bombed-citation here-an( article of John Frawley )described in that event.

Moreover,here this eclipse point exactly overhead,not a coincidence and parenthetically Rahu and Ketu are connected to eclipses themselves,because they hold the path,the eclipses are currently taking around the earth-which have the most value:they,hold the place of where those eclipses are mostly going off and endarkening anything in their path!
In this instance ,at the time of the attack,one minute after midnight,Mars at 9 Libra in a tee pattern,opposes Uranus in Aries,at 9 and 8 degrees respectively.

Moreover again,as soon as the event begins the Moon at 10 Leo moves to immediate conjunct and occult,the Moon moves to blot out the light of Mercury at 11 degrees Leo tropically and Mercury is already on its short march to go backwards and get combusted,burned by the Sun ,so it turns to powder.Mercury is the planet of “contestation”anger about how things are and debate,marching backwards.The Greeks seeing a planet retrograde as hostile and going back to take revenge and undo unravel,what was once whole,by having a debate.

The conjuncted Moon with Mercury,which itseelf is moving to fast extinction-like the event itself-in turn has either just aspected Ketu,Jupiter and is going to attack by aspect the planet of love,Venus.Rahu and Ketu,the North Node and the South Node,is itself with Neptune,the planet of illusion,movies and gas-here another analog for Ketu but in a modern planetary context,because Neptune is a very modern planet which came into public awareness at the time of spiritualism and the discovery of anesthesia.

In June of 2012,this June 4th a lunar eclipse happened at 14 degrees of Sagittarius,lunar eclipses last three months in effect,and this eclipse landed in the whole sign Gemini,where the Ketu,Venus Jupiter conjunction are now.
Again,hammering Ketu,Venus,Jupiter,with a hammer.Mercury and Sun in tropical Sagittarius falling on Holmes’s Mercury at 15 degrees Sagittarius and Sun at 21 degrees.

Mars is associated with firearms,murder,rage and fire itself.Neptune is asssociated with images of illusion,,playing an acting role,the dissolving of reality into filmic consciousness and gas which puts destroys clear focus.

My guess as to what happened to the killer,is that he felt powerless,lost someone he was in love with and decided to set up a scenario where he would right,what he conceived as a wrong,by setting a stage where he played G’d and presided over a theater where he was the person who directed all action.


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