All Hail:Apollo King of Ironic Knowledge!

The Sun,known as Apollo by the Greeks,was the God who presided over the realm of wisdom,prophecy and illumination.Now the Sun,is is presiding over the realm he is most comfortable in,the astrological sign of Leo.
We need not travel to Delphi to inhale the gnostic gases he transmitted in his day,we are fortunate to obtain the largesse of his gifts by merely inhaling the knowlege he is radianting now and this selfsame knowledge will not conform to logical thought:Mercury will be receiving “combustion”,will be burned up when it comes to close to the it by backwards movement.Mercury will “retrograde”,move backwards within a degree of the Sun in Leo.
This is fine for the Sun,Apollo is a God wearing his robes of light! But Mercury will be going pfffftttt!Logic will be overcome by wisdom.
Many who have spent a patient few weeks designing their logical constructs will find themselves brought to their knees by their own idiocy and feel like a Fool in their own lives.This is probably good,because the Sun will grace them with far reaching wisdom.They will soon see an entire landscape of where their future lies.


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2 thoughts on “All Hail:Apollo King of Ironic Knowledge!”

  1. Well, I can’t begin to imagine what this means for those of us ruled by mercury… But it sounds like it might be quite unpleasant for us logical beings for a while!!!

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