Knight Capitol:Could Astrology Have Warned The Company?

The execution of the Knight Capitol trade yesterday,August 1st 2012 which was in play from 9;00 A.M. 9;45 a.m ,became a perfect storm of cascading functional mistakes:the company was attemtping to trade,using software which had just been installed which had bugs in it.
The company began the day in with adequate wealth and by the end of the trade had lost, 440 million dollars.They destroyed themselves and burned up the worth of their company.
Could this been avoided if an astrologer was on the payroll of the company to warn of potential risks which might occur? the answer is a resounding ,yes!
The chart of the beginning of the trade, set in New York City,has 15 degrees of Virgo, on the ascendent and 12 degrees Gemini, on the Midheaven.Merury rules both houses,the ascendant representents the first house of the company its image and the Midheaven,represents,its public standing..Both of these mutable signs are ruled by the planet Mercury,the planet connected to:trading,middleman deals,computor computations,and machines themselves.
In the chart of this event,the Sun,in the sign of Leo is conjunct Mercury,also in Leo retrograde and it combusts Mercury:its rays burn the ability of Mercury to operate properly.An anology to this would be Icarus,flying to close to the Sun and having his wings burn.
Mercury was retrograde ,appear to be going backwards in the sky-the Classical Greeks described a retrograde planet as “walking backwards”-they said it take back what it offered with hostile intent.
Mercury retrograde periods are always noted by astrologers ahead of time,as periods of time when technical activities which are important should not be executed,because they will have a high failure rate.Astrologers set our watch by this and refrain from launching projects under such periods.The reason for this is we have alot of data this subject.
The time of the trade was the beginning of the approach of the Moon to complete the opposiiton which would bring about a Moon-whereby the Moon would move exactly 180 degrees opposite the Sun.This added to the atmosphere of intensity of the event itself.
The Nodes of the Moon which were in a tee square to the plane,Neptune,a planet which makes people intellectually unaware of risk were pretty close to the angles of the chart of the event,in the third and Ninth houses,suggesting human failure played a big part in this event.
Astrologers can be useful in the stockmarket setting because we can give professionals the heads up on when there are periods of time when there is higher risk than other times.


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