The Logic of Greek Astrology:Sect Leaders

Today,I have opened up a topic to explore when doing a Classical Greek chart reading.This topic will be need to be introduced first.
For those born during the day,there are three fates or beings, who sit at the spinning wheel where a person’s chart is spun out:these moiras are the three planets chosen to run events which come about.
In the chart of someone born during the day,these three planets are:the Sun,Saturn and Jupiter.They are known as the :”sect leaders” of the chart.
For someone born at night,these three ;”sect leaders”would be :Mars,Venus and the Sun.
Each life is divided into three equal sections whith each sect leader running its third of it.
My question to some friends and a source of new research by me will be:”for those born at night,will the test of gaining courage be more important to them,than it is to someone born during the day,because Mars,the planet of courage,is the sect leader for night births?”
I don’t know the answer to this question yet and I don’t prejudge outcomes of research,that would unscientific,but my answer,my hypothesis is that probably the test of courage might be a bigger one for night births-because Mars has this sect leadership role.
The person born during the day doesn’t easily welcome Mars into its world because Mars is a planet which is a “traiter to the sect in favor”.It is a planet,playing for the other team-the night side.
For the Greeks,a planet which was in an opposite sect did not usually fit into the chart in a way wear it was playing on the same team and hence,functioned as a potential enemy.
This had to be looked into an that enemy planet judged,to figure out what its mission was.Since it was a potentially destabilizing influence,this was always done by the canny astrologers of Classical Greece,who knew how to take a chart apart.
The Greeks got many of their ideas from the Egyptian Astrologers and priests.Vettius Valens was an astrologer who passed on this knowledge.He came from Egypt and traveled into Greece,as far as we know.


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