There Be Monsters:Predicting Hurricanes

For many of us who have done our research,Hurricane Isaac is not a surprise.It fits the classic pattern of the kind of large storms spawned by eclipse patterns.Now the Sun,the Nodes,Rahu and Ketu and Neptune in Pisces fill out the grand structure of a mutable cross-which holds the eclipse pattern from three months back.
Eclipses always have an effect on weather,in some way.Eclipses are an endarkenment of the Sun and Moon and oftentimes, bring destruction on a material plane..Endarkenment is,after all, a negative astrological idea:the Sun creates growth and life:darkness blots it out.Are we surprised by this? I think not.
Moreover Mars has recently entered the watery sign Scorpio,symbolozing the water of the deep ocean.Mercury is in the boiling hot sign of Leo,Uranus resides in the fiery sign,Aries-giving more heat.Saturn,the planet of intense cold,because it is in its exaltation,Libra adds the adjective,cold to the whole structure and voila,we have a hurricane on the tear……
Could the timing for the conventions of the two parties have obtained better weather?Could this horrific weather pattern been evoided by consulting a pragmatic astrologer,one versed in the ABCs of astrology? The answer is,heck yes!
I,for one could have helped them avoid this debacle if they had bothered to call me.
Good electional astrologers would never have chosen such an overtly negative large pattern to begin with!


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