Michelle Obama’s Speech Versus Bill Clinton’s

I was fascinating to see do a brief Greek look at the speeches of Ms.Obama and Mr Clinton.This is a sect reading for night charts whose leaders are :the Moon ,Mars and Venus.All the charts for the democratic and republican convention are such.They are not day charts in any way.These will be noctournal events….not diurnal,taking place during the day.

Michelle Obama’s might have been quite fantastic but the planets shifted right before she began to speak and the mutual reception of Venus in Cancer and Moon in Taurus  did not serve her well.

The Moon proved quite cadent in the twelfth house and so the switch of mutual reception only hobbled the angular placement of Venus in Cancer which would have proven terrific for her,had she gotten it.

This means although she looked stunningly pretty-re:the Venus angular placement her presentation had not very much power.All the noctournal palnets were in sect.Mars in Scorpio was just fine but marred by the factors just cited and Venus was square by Saturn the aspect which symbolizes the Conservative Movement and the Republican party,in particular….

Ex President Clinton’s speech at 10:38 P.M. September 5th,2012,tonight in Charlotte served him better and showed the power he radiated during his speech.

It was a presentation of motherhood-Venus in Cancer-aw shucks rural charm-mutual reception with Moon in Taurus nailed two degrees from the ascendent,planet of the masses trading power with Venus and the Moon exalted,no less but still here,squared by the same Saturn placement,it is in its exaltation in Libra and blocks this Venusian Lunar lovefest fromreally being completely successful.

On the Wheel of Fortune of the Political World of the Dems,Michelle fell down the wheel and Bill Clinton’s star began to rise.

Tomorrow I will write up the Ryan Romney speeches and compare their power.


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