An Addendum On The Michelle Obama Bill Clinton Speeches

I would like to add some other key points to my just posted article on the speeches i most recently opined about.

There are some other features which Greek astrological parlance can describe.

First we see the combustion by the Sun in Virgo with Mercury.It is a traitor to its sect,is in a feminine sign,but it is combusting Mercury which rules the second house,of both speaker’s speech charts and also their fifth.This is not positive because the second house rules the money they earn and it is ruined here and the fifth house is the money they earn from their”base”supporters.

Moreover the ruler of the eigth house in both charts is weak,Jupiter in its detriment  and is placed in their second house.This does not bode well for a monetary result for their work here.It is negative in the extreme.

Saturn,the planet of the Republican Party is against the sect of both politicians and does alot of damage,it rules the tenth house of these charts,their power but it fights their personhood itself with these aspects.

Moreover,Venus is weak because it is almost in the last gasp of Cancer near its last degree.This shows extreme weakness of their “charm”.It has lamost been used up.

Mars one of the prime sect leaders is strong in its feminine placement in both charts but horribly cadent,not good and it is opposing the Moon.It hurls rays at the Moon and makes it aggressive,not good.

If we look at outer planets and leave our Greek context we see that Neptune opposes the Mercury Sun aspect whereby Mercury is approaching combustion.This means their fundraising efforts will get more dire after this convention and that they don’t understand what they are doing wrong.

If President Obama speaks at 10;38 P.M. tomorrow he will have a horrible chart indeed which will ruin his presentation.The Moon,one of the three sect leaders of this noctournal chart will be nailed on the Pleiades,the fixed star called,The Weeping Sisters,which causes extreme despair and unfortunate experiances of suffering as well as on the South Node,opposing the North Node,of course,from the first house to the seventh house.The South Node on the Moon on such a star,shows the suffering of the people-shown by the Moon,with the diminishment the South Node brings to him,since it is in his first house and they will make a tee-square with the outer planet,Neptune,not a part of Greek Astrology but a negative planet of illusion here.This is in no way helpful.


The Moon will be exalted but on the last degree of Taurus,weak again and not in mutual reception with Venus which has just entered Leo.Venus ruling his first house is not well placed.It is a sect leader on an angle which is operating in the sect of its enemy ,the Sun.The Sun is in the sign of the detriment of Venus,an ugly reception.

Saturn and the Moon combine because they are both ruled by Venus,one of the techniques of Greek astrology and this shows the Republicans subsuming the public’s emotions.

Mars and the North Node are also read together,showing an ugly feeling of rage and instability.

We will see if this time occurs tomorrow night.

It is obvious the dems are not under the protection of an astrologer who knows classical astrology.

more anon.


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