President Obama’s Presidential Standing

The previous blog post gives a substantial depiction of President Obama’s standing as President based on the chart of his speech in front of tonight’s convention.He gave it this night of September 6th 2012 at 10;20 P.M.,Charlotte,North Carolina.I stand by my reading of the timing I offered up as a hypothetical one,last night.It does not differ from the time I posited of 10;38 P.M. very much and describes the atmosphere of his speech and the mood of the population.

His ruler Venus in Leo,ruler of the first house and one of the three sect leaders at the weak beginning of Leo, whereby Venus is a feminine planet in a masculine sign-not good,albeit on an angle,the fourth.It shows him as a weakened demagogue,weakened by not taking the mood of the people.Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama had the mutual recepetion going with the Moon in Taurus,which at least attached them to the population in mood.The President was not so fortunate.

This chart is ominous and does not bode well for what President Obama will be a midwife to if he becomes the next President.

The fixed star,the Pleaides in its description of the people themselves with Neptune in Pisces,the South Node,Ketu exactly on top of it show they see a shadow-self he captures which is illusionary where he offers a projection that he feels their pain,but his ruler in Leo belies that such an idea.He wants a royal role,like that of a monarch.


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