Under The Lunar Eclipse:The Dems Convention

It is important to note that the democratic convention takes place under the shadow of a lunar eclipse,as the republican convention took place under a solar eclipse.This not positive for either one.Eclipses are an endarkenment of light.Light gives life on the Earth.An absense of it is always negative materially.

The solar eclispe spawned the Hurricane and casts a shadow of emotionality on its presentation.For the dems,the lunar eclipse point,,because the Moon is the planet which rules the people, and an  eclipse involving it,show a feeling of loss and endarkenment in the emotions of the population .The Moon on the Pleaides and conjuncting the South Node,Ketu, makes even more of a statement of the extreme emotionality of the Americain people.They are sick at heart and at their wits end.

Tomorrow night will be the exact time when the Moon falls exactly on the South Node during the eclipse point of the Moon.It will be the penultimate moment of this lunar eclipse week and it will happen when the President speaks of his ideas for the future.

I am not surprise because i remember the aspects when President Obama took office and was concerned about what would befall the americain people when I saw that Mercury was retrograde on that day and the Sun was going under the shadowed umbrella of Rahu,who I have ironically called the Faustian Node because it lifts people up from obscurity and then oftentimes drops them down into the bowels of hell.

The wages of extreme power can be painful and cause extreme loss.

President Obama has had alot ofpainful lessons when the effects of the adulation which lifted him into office began to leave him,like “paths of glory”whose smoke has fled.Now instead of a superhero like a god he appears in a more mortal context.He has had a hard lesson in his presidency.I am sure he has suffered greatly from it.

Venus,if the time of the President speech falls roughly around 10:38 P.M. tomorrow night,shows his ruler in the sign of its enemy,he will have to be careful to not show any Leonine qualities when giving this speech,they will not help him.


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