Pluto and Saturn Consort:Beware The Ides of Death!

Saturn and Pluto have recently assumed the position of living in each other’s signs.This is called a “mutual reception” in tropical astrological parlance and Vedically,it is called a “parivatana yoga’although traditional astrologers of both astrologies would not consider Pluto a planet worthy of this refinement.

For me,Pluto will out! Its existence is obvious daily.When Pluto went in to Capricorn it made itself known and now exchanging energy with Saturn a death dealing analog unto itself called a “markesh “:killer,in Vedic language-we are in a whole new realm of hurt.

As it has appeared,since Ocober 6th 2012,we see the meningitus outbreak spreading like wildfire,we see Turkey valiantly trying to keep its border intact from the Syrians,we will see much illness-blood poisoning,intestinal cancer,high blood pressure,spinal problems,poisonings of all stripes,and a whole new panarama of what will be in the realm of illness.

With regard to World events,this exchange is the match the lights the confligration which can spike World War Three.The nuclear option is now very real,alive and awake.



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