There Be Monsters:The Terror Plot Foiled In New York

We saw today a terror plot foiled in New York by the C.I.A..

Inquiring minds will want to know what the astrological elements of this denouement were.First of all we found the Sun in Libra nailed on the protective fixed star,Spica.Spica’s symbolism is a cluster of gathered wheat and it offers protection from harm.

In this chart of the event we see that the Sun,where Spica is,ruled the house of death,the eighth house.This Sun on Spica combusted:burned up Saturn which in turn,had a mutual reception to Pluto in Capricorn,Pluto rules Scorpio:it is connected to radioactivity,terrrorists,criminals,anarchists,hidden people lurking in the background who plot,the surfacing of hidden ideas and power itself.

Saturn deals with ideas rooted in historic idealogy it has exchanged signs with Pluto in Capricorn.

The Sun with this fortunate star of protection “burned up”:combusted Saturn so this terrorist couldn’t operate the house of death of this event.

Moreover,the South Node,Ketu was on the tropical fixed star,Algol.Ketu’s symbol is a headless neck and oftentimes shows someone who is so angry they have lost their mind.Algol is a fixed star which is associated with blind rage and violence,here it was in the fifth house of events which proceeded from the fourth house.

The Midheaven in New York also had Spica on it as well at 22 degrees and some change of Libra.The Midheaven is the point of maximum publicity of a chart.Here it advertises the luck for the city of the capture.

The Moon in Scorpio was a void of course  moon,meaning it will make no major aspects before it leaves the sign it is in.Here it previously sextiled Venus,ruler of the Midheaven and fourth house in Virgo and conjuncted Mercury in Scorpio which ruled the seventh house here,our side and the ninth house,the house of foreign matters and distant countries,showing an operative from another country gave us information which aided us and was secret.

A void of course moon means usually:”nothing will come of the matter”.This means it stymies action.Here its action stopped the terrorist from his bomb attempt.

Also it is with Rahu in Scorpio, symbolically describing the terrorist as a religous fanatic fixated monomaniacally with destruction.



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