Saturn In The Presidential Election

In the presidential contest now ensuing many astrologers are missing the key role played by the planet of :”veritas”:this is the planet,Saturn.

In the charts of President Obama and Mr Romney it is carrying out is most important function,that of being the planet of testing:otherwise known as winnowing the truth.Which man is a person of true character and which one is a pretender,trying to assume a role which hubris will ruin.

Each man has a leval chance at passing this test and winning the office.All he has to do is to refrain from arrogance,speak the truth to the public in an ethical way and refrain from ugly behavior.

In this astrologers opnion this is an example of the fairest of tests.The winner of it will deserve to lead our country for the next four years.

Mr Obama has refrained from being transparency about the murders of four of our bravest citizens.Has not found this horrible attack a moment for a dramatic call for justice and seems to be having a :”Watergate” moment.

There is still time for him to have humility,if his people made an error in judgement,he can offer an apology and the Americain people will forgive him.After all,being president of the United States is an almost impossible task.We do not expect him,or his cabinet to be perfect.

If he does not come clean on this matter,I believe he has a strong chance of losing the election.

We,the Americain people will always have a strong sense of outrage when terrorists capture and kill our bravest people,in a cowardly way.Whether we come from a viewpoint which is democrat or republic,because let’s face it folks,this partisan viewpoint all comes down to the way the “cookie crumbles”with either party¬† with regard to our finances.

What we will never offer up as Americains is our feeling of pulling together as a nation,the way we show bravery and help people in trouble! This is what gives us our national character and makes an exceptional nation.



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