Romance Give Me Something I Can Dance To:Romance Revisited

For many focused on matters of romance,the glass has appeared lately to be half full.This is because for the last few weeks such people have been descending feet first down the long ladder down to the netherworld into the dark world of regret.This is as it should be,the planets circulating in a mordant tone through their signs and houses are speaking to such people about negative matters.

If your romance has survived the last few weeks,you are doing well.

You should realize that serious detachment and psychological assesment can be useful.Romance needs to be evaluated with a cold eye at important times in people’s lives to see if time is being wasted.After all,life is short and if the loved one is not suitable it is not necessarily bad to realize this.

This is a good time to carry on this process and move on if matters cannot realistically improve.


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