There Be Monsters:Hurricane Sandy

Many who suffered the ravages of Hurricane Sandy and winter storm,Athena are certain that these storms were the gift of a random universe which just happened to descend upon their lives without any rhyme or reason:they would be surprised to find out this was not the case.

The storm was the result of a series of interlocking astrological patterns which were highly focused with strong intent on their mission of destruction.

In the realm of Traditional and Non- Traditional Astrology the effect can be clearly described in abstruse and complicated detail which would astonish those capable of following it astrolgically.

The fact that such a mode of approach is virtually unknown to the modern media is not the fault of the knowledge but more resides in the large paucity of capable astrologers in the world.

Be not despondant about what happened to you because,altough it was horribly debilitating it was a highly explainable situation.


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