Chuck Hagel:A Machiavelli?

The chart for Mr Hagel’s nomination is a powerful one  but is ominous. Covert modes of behavior will be the norm for him,if appointed.

In this astrologers opinion,the Americain public will be kept in the dark about most of his more serious actions.He will serve the President ,in an Italian courtier once served in times past.What he actually does will never be told or explained.Naturally,this is not good.

If the field of Astrology had the high respect it might have if there were a higher prevalence of professional astrologers writing today,a red flag would go up for this appointment and a war would be waged to prevent him from attaining this post.

I hope that he will not attain this appointment and that an individual who is better suited to this post will be brought forth.

The world is in too serious a situation currently.

Interestingly,the points of this chart vie with key positions in the chart of Israel and this shows his appintment will not be beneficial to them in any way.



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