The Stylings of Hurricane Sandy

I am in the process of writing up an article for a magazine in India on our now illustrious hurricane,Sandy.

She,as I said in the previous post,had a very focused will when she worked her power.

Ketu,The South Node doing something-it is connected to dissolving things to smithereens and Rahu,The North Node,rode both sides of her huge,dragonlike body.

We know this,of course,but you can read my finished prodect and see more.

The thing is She,Sandy,after she decided to blow through getting rid of coastal areas,decided to bring in new things,plant new growth shown by the Nakshatra,Rohini in a key place in the chart.

If we switch to astrology which comes from the West,we will also mention that this hurricane which was tied to Rahu’s palcement in Scorpio,was working in a sign connected to deep water:the ocean and plumbing:sewage.

I was telling this to a student of mine and she was surprised.

The symbolism of an even as described by Astrology will always be exact.




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