Comparative Astrology:My Work

No doubt many of you have been disappointed by readings by astrologers who have offered you only Western Astrological chart readings.This is because character cannot be perceived in such a chart in much depth.This is the nature of the beast.

What Western Astrology is superlative at however,is prediction in all forms:personal,for business events,events of country,weather and many other kinds of occurences.

For this reason,once I realized that Western Astrology did not allow me to offer my clients readings going deeply into character,I continued on in my training so I could do so.

I am a Vedic Astrologer and can give in this four thousand year old astrological system insight into what makes a person tick.When someone comes to me to look into who they are intending to marry,form a company with,or what skills they might want to develope in their personality,I encourage them to have a Vedic Chart done.

Vedic Astrology however,is not as accurate for prediction as Western Astrology.

Moreover I offer astrological readings in Hellenistic Astrology,which is from 200 B.C. and proably originated before that in Egypt.Mainly using the principles of an astrologer called,Vettius Valens,I look at some facets of character which are shown by this lense only.

Also,I sometimes offer my clients,readings fromed by the charts of their questions.This kind of astrology comes from the manuscripts of William Lilly,a Seventeenth Century British astrologer who wrote down his excellent principles in his book,Christian Astrology.

You might think all of this is abstruse,but a cobble together a large picture of my client using all of these techniques together which is greater than the sum of its parts.


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1 thought on “Comparative Astrology:My Work”

  1. Apparently some people still think algsoroty = the horoscopes they read in the newspaper! LOLHoroscopes only deal with a tiny fraction of , the Sun, because that fits best in a small space and is easiest to look up. Astrology does NOT try to fit everyone into 12 boxes. Contrary to popular belief, it has never been “debunked” by science because the ones trying to debunk it stop at the newspaper columns and never explore the subject in its entirety. In fact, most of the arguments used against it show a total and utter lack of understanding of what algsoroty actually is and what it actually does.How do I use algsoroty in everyday life? I use it to understand myself and the important people in my life better, to time my actions with greater success (scheduling writing time around good Mercury aspects for example), to understand the life cycles I’m going through, etc.I don’t believe the planets “make” anything happen to you, they’re only reflecting what is already happening via synchronicity. So when it comes to “predictions,” I feel is only able to predict archetypally. A particular aspect can play out in an infinite number of ways, but it can not “just mean anything,” it will stick to the archetypal themes of the planets, signs, houses and aspects involved. So I would say it can give me a kind of “mood” of a particular day, not the specific events that will happen. Generally I tend to have a better day if I’m acting in line with that “mood.”To me, it’s no more “fortune-telling” than estimating when a child will lose their baby teeth or forecasting the weather, and there’s no such thing as being 100% accurate. We’re astrologers: no powers expressed or implied. How often is the weather-man-or-woman 100% accurate? Yet they still keep their jobs and aren’t ridiculed for it.

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