Romance:Give Me Somthing I Can Dance To:This Week:Nuclear Winter

Many romantic partners have been trying desperately to maintain the status quo of their situations only to find that just a few days ago their realationship began to split into tiny particles.

Why is this so,you ask? The answer is,because astrologically a time bomb is silently detonating these bonds.The planets have deemed it so.

Within the next six days,this pattern will continue to unload itself and potentially destroy forever that which once appeared to be set up forever.

I bring this to your attention because the field of Astrology can offer you the heads up on timings of this sort and give you the heads up on when to not enter into combat to fix such setups.

This is not the week and wasn’t five days before this,to engage in those major battles involving:jealousy,matters of control,bank accounts and who wears the pants in your relationship.You will not triumph in such matters during this critical week,instead you have a high chance of destroying your relationship for good.

It would be far more prudent to have a chart comparison done in the traditional astrologies people like me practise in to obtain a flow chart of how matters flow between you,so you can patiently see what can be saved.







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