There Be Monsters:Negative Timing

Many of you wonder why you should consult someone like me about important timing events in your life like:when to launch your company publically,get married,moved to another location,have an operation, or accomplish your goal with maximum ease.

There is a specialty called;”Electional Astrology”which offers knowledge of the optimal time to launch what you wish to succeed.The astrologer looks at the time ahead allowable and sets up a chart or charts whereby the chart at the location of the launch event offers a planetary run of aspects and patterns emphasized of protection so that the matter is given the best chance of success for the time.

Conversely,if you are considering setting something in motion,you would have a consultation from someone with my knowledge to see if you should attempt this.This is worth exploring because I would look to see how the matter appears in your chart and whether the likelihood of success is high enough for you to make your attempt,or whether waiting until a later time will yield a better outcome.

This is why traditional in less modern times,in courts of monarchs and in times when brilliant astrologers were available to powerful people because then,the leval of skill was astoundingly high,this kind of work was routinely done.

You might think this concept sounds odd, but remember that it is no different than a weather forecaster telling you that it will rain on a day where your dinner party could be given in a tent or in a restaurant.

Prudence is the better part of valor here and this knowledge can save you alot of wastage.


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