Ketu Is Not A Headset:It Dissolves

When I ,in the odd moment,pick up a book written by a so called;”modern astrologer”I roll my eyes upward in a “mon dieu”esque moment and try to understand how such thinkers can use the South Node,Ketu as vedic writers described it,in the lame way they do.

They say that the North Node,Rahu,whose symbol looks like an upright headset,shows where the person is building new ideas,and the South Node,Ketu,a headset upside down,is where the person has developed ideas from the past-needing no longer to advance such ideas.

This is all elegant b.s. but I must admit that it sounds quite convincing,especially as such writers bring the concept of karma into it.

The South Node,Ketu is really useful because it dissolves whatever planet it comes in contact with and does the same,for whatever houses that planet controls.

If this is the planet,Venus,for example,the person will find that in love matters they may find that the people they chose are escapists-like drug addicts,alcoholics etc,spiritual people,people from other cultures to theirs or that they tend to get angry over love.Ketu’s symbol is a neck with no head on it.


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