Tim Cook At Apple

Inquiring minds in the stock market are wondering what will happen with Apple, under the aegis of Tim Cook.

Astrologically, factors do not promise a rosy near future.

The astrological factors which affected the cell phone market negatively, are still in play for the next six months to come.

If the cell phone market is expanded to the foreign market,it will not necessarily do well,in fact,quite the reverse looks likely.The health of their phones physically will be compromised,as they have been ,with electronic glitches.

The Sun Neptune conjunction of their C.E.O.,Tim Cook,  is eclipsed in placements which have historically given this company the capability to create brilliant ,cool, electronic objects and is eclipsed:blotted out into blackness,April 25 2013.

This puts Apple:” in a shade “from which Mr Cook will desperately have to recover it .Unfortuantely,at the same time he will frantically try to rescue the company,his own chart is undergoing its own throes of weakness and agony.This will render him weakly able to bring his company through its danger.

The year ahead appears bleak from the standpoint of product.Of course there is the passive factor of the large amount of money the company holds,but this will probably be the focus of hostility from shareholders,so it is not necessarily great blessing.

I am not a stock expert,but am an astrologer.I would caution you,if you are involved in Apple Stock to check with your experts to take a cold hard look while you have the capabiulity.



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1 thought on “Tim Cook At Apple”

  1. Did you do his chart with his birth time and do you think it is an accurate time?
    I find this subject interesting, since apple stock has been falling rapidly since Saturn has gone into Scorpio

    Thank you,
    Janice Rhoades

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