Tim Cook’s Fatal Error:Apple’s Lobotomy

When one surveys the charts of Steve Jobs,Tim Cook and the Apple Corporation and parses the history, it becomes clear why Apple is no longer was when it was Steve Job’s kingdom.

Mr Cook,after Jobs died, fired the staff that he considered negative,because they intellectually took issue with details they considered faultyJobs had brilliantly put many different kinds of people together in his company and let them duke things out for the betterment of his product;this is what made Apple what it was,its “it “factor.

After Job’s death,Mr Cook,with his Scorpionic mindset of making things run by ideas of control,fired the people that argued about ideas they considered wrong and left only the people he considered “harmonious”:in effect he lobotomized his company;gave them a “Perfect Mind” which was denuded of the factors of argument and creativity which made  Apple successful.

Please refer to my previous article on Apple.I would like to add to it,the incarnation of the successful period of Apple ,which was rendered,August 15,1998.

The chart of this time,August 15,1998,gets hammered this week-why I-Phones will continue to be attacked by hackers for the next five days,and is decimated by two eclipses occuring on:April 25,2013 and May 9,2013.

This adds to my belief that Apple will not give razzle dazzle anymore.

Tim Cook has cleaned up the mind of the company Job’s built and it is not capable of large innovation.


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