Emmylou Harris

It is not surprising that Emmylou Harris was the daughter of a soldier:she has Mars in Cancer angular in her chart,conjunct the first house:the Moon in Aries conjunct Cancer is on the M.C., with her exalted Sun.

The sect leaders in her chart,have good strength:the Sun in Aries receiving the hurling of rays from many planets in  the chart, except her Mercury in Pisces retrograde ,which doesn’t see the Aries placements ,is cadent-weakened and rules her third house of song writing.It  hurls its rays towards the Cancer placements;the Mars placement rules the M.C.:house of public image.This Rube Goldberg effect amps her public image,makes her hard driving but emotionally retiring.

Moreover,the Mercury placement is contrary to the Sect in favor and  feminine,in a way it could be said to fight her ambitious cardinal structure:that which made her famous.She has to go away from touring to write songs.

Jupiter in Libra retrograde:a major sect leader in a masculine sign nailed on the I.C.;angular is at hard angles to the other Sect leaders”Sun and Saturn.Jupiter amps the Mercury in Pisces placement which floats in la.la.land,because it rules it,so it grants it some power.

Those who think Ms. Harris doesn’t have discipline and drive and simply randomly got discovered don’t know her chart.

There is an element of luck in her chart:an angel at her back,because Jupiter,the sect leader is on the fixed star,Spica.It gives much like because many people like the person who has it.Its symbol is a cluster of wheat.

Her lyrics are sensitive, out of time, because her Mercury floats in the aether with the Muse’s breath and is attuneed to the deepest nuances of pain or joy.

Her strength of character though would properly suit a military general:she is a woman to be reckoned with.





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