J.P. Morgan:In Meltdown?

On May 10 2012,J.P. Morgan,under Jamie Dimon’s aegis ,engaged in a risky trade.

Now he is reaping the results of that bad idea,which cost his company more than two billion dollars:he is currently laying off many employees.

At the time this debacle happened,I started writing about my belief that this timing was just the beginning of peril for large banking.I still hold to this.

In my opinion,because of the astrology of the matter,I predict that this matter will not fully unwind until mid November of 2013.It will continue its long pattern,with another large hit mid May and mid November.

The planets operate like a mechanical clock in such matters and what will be will be.

Large banks will be in the cross hairs of govenment regulators for the next six months and I would not be surprised if they actually didn’t drop a hammer on these players.


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