Ron Johnson;Martha Stewart:J.C. Penney:The Perfect Storm

Many companies who have major flaws in them continue to operate,even though,by rights,they should give up the ghost.

J.C. Penney has been just such a company:it was still alive and in the process of having its fashion products re-invented when Ron Johnson was precipitously installed as its C.E.O.

He had shown brilliance at Apple: in inventing cute ways to showcase electronic product and why the heck not just snap him into J.C. Penney to reinvent their brand? After all,product is product,how hard could this be?

The answer is,very hard,because the product that J.C. Penney is offering is not electronic in substance:it is that of fashion and products for the home;and unless and until, that product is made worthy of being bought by the customer,it will not sell.

Mr Johnson when he agreed to become the C.E.O. was feeling,no doubt,afloat in melancholy clouds of doubt:he was no longer in an environment he excelled at or with a compatriot who understood him,Steve Jobs. He picked the wrong company to captain.He did not understand the essence of that which he would be asked to sell.

However,I digress from matters astrological and Astrology is my area of expertise.Let us get down to what has occured astrologically.Recently J.C. Penney’s Jupiter started to feel the effects of Saturn in Scorpio,now retrograding .This constrained its ability to expand in the marketplace.

In the chart of Ron Johnson the square of Pluto and Uranus transited his chart and made him hubristically ripe:he was depressed,desperate to take any risk and interested in a venue where he had total control.

Martha Stewart was in a similar mindset:she had zeroed out her ability to create bling in her current setting:positioned at Macy’s where her product was viewed by the customer as boring;she knew that she was stuck in a contract where she would make a paucity of profit.

Saturn began to square the major angles of her chart,including the M.C. and other Leo planets.It began to enter the ascendant:the house which is the mask we present to others and blight her presentation.It also made her go into a funk ,which made her hubristically vulnerable.Enter the fatally stupid,deal with Mr Johnson.

In the chart of J.C. Penney,Saturn,the planet of constriction,karma,and the uncovering of dark secrets-because it is now in the sign of Scorpio,in retrograde:going back into the past and finding things once considered long gone,has landed in a square to its Jupiter in Aquarius.

When we look at the confluence of all of these charts with the aspects associated with the three entities we see that matters will not go well,secrets will be dug up and the company could reach a point where its fatal flaw once sitting in plain sight but not hit with a blow has now met its “truth hammer”.

Martha Stewart will perhaps pay the heaviest price because she did not learn from her previous mistakes and has shown ,once again,that she is ruthless and without a standard of ethics.

Mercury,which those new to astrology consider a “Tinkerbell” kind of planet,in its action of retrogration will be “walking backwards with intent to destroy” and will dance across all three charts in an explosion of destruction.



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