Myron Ullman:Prudent Helmsman:J.C. Penny’s New Leader

Kudos to the J.C. Penney board for their hire of Myron Ullman.They did the next best thing to hiring Superman.

His chart,has magic in it.He is a man of :courage,patience,foresight,intuition,detail oriented yet able to see large patterns,driven to succeed,but has a cold eye intellectually,loves to restructure outworn ideas,has the spark to inspire people,is lucky,and was born to lead.

You might think that Steve Jobs has a rare chart.

I would argue that Myron Ullman could be deemed a close second to him.Astrologically he has many of the same factors which made Jobs so powerful.

Moreover,there are astrological factors which will force him to morph in a fast way,which can only help his company.

We cannot bury J.C. Penney yet.


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