World Monetary Unwinding:The Next Six Months

Recently I have maintained radio silence on this blog because I have been pondering a large study I did of many interlocking charts.Some of these charts were the Obama inauguration chart,cast for Washington D.C.,the EU chart,Angela Merkel’s natal chart,and the charts of many countries whose monetary health I am deeply skeptical about.

I cannot put it any other way than to say forthrightly I am extremely worried that the world’s market’s:the banks holding their monetary value and the government’s vouching for their value will be able to hold matters together.Within the next six months,this construct will blow up,very probably.

I am not sure what the precise catalyst will be.

The world can spin straw into gold for only so long until it realizes it is straw.Once that happens,all the straw will be identified,as straw.

Some things could start it:denial of monetary backing for France or Spain by the EU,Israel attacking Iran,North Korea doing something nuclear,Americains not buying retail goods or homes in the near future.

Certainly now a sucking sound can be heard as money small businesses and corporations,like Staples are busy kicking full time employees to the curb ,in favor of part time employees who will not burden them with healthcare headaches.This collapse is ruining the morale and high value product of the aforesaid companies in a way which leave a large atmosphere of toxicity.

Once certain things are gone,people will scatter to the wind,loyalty will not be retrievable from many.The strength of many of the valuable companies was the ethical basis of loyalty.Employees offered their all to companies,but now this social contract is being broken.

It is impossible to access the facts which would show what is actually going on regarding real estate assets around the world and the money which floats this market.Dark pools and sharp fast trades can run the tab of risk.

There is no super hero available for a fly by of our known world.

I urge all of you to be careful and not be invested in stocks you don’t understand.Ambuity will lead to vulnerability.

I am not an authority on this issue.I am an astrologer with a lot of questions.

I can see that banks,money,the standing of the assets of countries and people look to have a hammer slammed on them in mid May and mid August.

The charts show explosive events,we will have to see how the symbolism comes out.





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