John Stumpf:Wells Fargo’s Achilles Heel

Recently, Mr Stumpf’s behavior has been alleged to be Darwinian by his critics in his stewardship of Wells Fargo;this was something that this astrologer wanted to investigate astrologically.

John Stumpf’s chart shows him to be an aggressive individual,with strong leadership drive.Many planets in hard aspect impell him to do this at hyperdrive , with the fixed star,Spica giving him luck and charm.

He has a strong temper:Jupiter on the fixed star,Algol will do that conjunct Mars in Taurus.

He is a stellar C.E.O. from the standpoint of having a lot of initiative,but his impatience and temper shows a lack of subtlety.

Wells Fargo as a corporation’s chart has a lot of cardinality in hard aspects also,which gives the company a personality of expansion at high speeds,like the wagon train it is described by symbolically.

This year in mid November the interlocking negative patterns which affected the banking industries of the world and world monetary standings slammed this chart.It continues to be negatively affected for a year and a half to come.This is not good.

After perusing these charts I would be concerned about the way in which they treat the customer and losses they may incur by bad decisions.


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