The Waco,Texas Fertilizer Explosion:Mars in Cazimi

The chart for this horrific event is described by the planets herein:Mars the ruler of the seventh house is in:” Cazimi”:at the same degree exactly as the Sun in Aries,at 28 degrees.This makes Mars,the planet of fire and aggression participate equally with the Sun in Aries,the most powerful place the Sun can be.

The Sun probably rules the tenth house of the public,which is probably in early degrees of Leo.

The Sun carried the effects of Mars,which wanted to create flame to Venus at 3 degrees of Taurus,which ruled the recipients of the effect.What this mean is,that the flame had maximum effect on the people hurt.

The Moon in Cancer,translated all this action after the fire began to go off so that,in effect,this was a two part event.First the falme ignited as a large fire and then another event broadcasted it in a larger way to many people.

Astrology cannot take the pain away from all this suffering,but it can offer a diagram of what is.




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