Fortuna:Upcoming Trends In The Stock Market

Some of the trends I see happening because of my astrological expertise are as follows:problems in airline stocks and the fruit of this tree commercially:re the ,hotel industry,companies who engage in booking extended vacations,the cruise industry,the resort industry,and fashion which is related to leisure.

This is certainly pretty obvious.

As well as this, a new spate of banking changes will occur almost immediately.This will not be more of the same, but will unroll  yet another  d wrinkle of  weird new events.There will be a Black Swan here.I guarantee it.

This is why if you follow the herd you will rush off the cliff. Unpredicatablity in matters involved with banking,money currency and materials which hold value like gold will not move forward as they have.New sidewise effects will begin.This is why hanging out in these stocks is risky.

I have grave concerns about the EU ,because the chart of its inception is being triggered,Angela Merkel’s chart shows her not fully awake at the helm and the chart of Germany is unstable.

There is no need to run through all the charts of all the countries which make up the EU,if we have the lynchpin,Germany. We can see that something will trigger a large change in its stability.

Stock market experts can have their ideas and I would encourage them to do so.I make no bones about the fact I am not an expert in their specialty.

What I am doing,is offering ideas from the specialty of Astrology which yields insight of the future.


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