The A.P. Hack Chart

The chart of the false tweet hack of Associated Press’s Twitter was textbook astrology:Taurus,the sign of money and banking was on the tenth house of the chart of the time it happened;Venus,its ruler was combusted and conjunct Mars, which is loosely associated with the South Node,Mercury and Uranus ,in the ninth house,

This house deals  with information made public to the world.

What this means in simple English,folks is that four large points of the chart reverberated to the lunar eclipse:full Moon which will occur on Thursday.The eclipse,in effect,cast its “shadow”:endarkened the stock market,symbolized by the sign of Taurus.

It is possible that on Thursday,in mid afternoon another effect may occur in regards to this.

The signs of Scorpio-Taurus can give criminality in regards to money,so it is not out of the realm of possibility that this was an insider trading scheme.


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