The Monetary Hammer:Explosive Negative Timings

Recently in this blog please read my prediction, written six months ago on J.P. Morgan having negative timing in mid May:we see this happened with Dimon’s board of trustees showdown and today’s news story which may be slanderous,of Bernie Madoff’s aspersions about J.P. Morgan supposedly having something to do with his criminality.

I also predicted in mid May that the large banks,the E.U. and Japan would have a pulse of negative effects.See today’s events.Japan’s economy falling by seven percent,the Chinese description of their slowing manufacturing rate,and the skittishness of the world monetary market.

When I deemed the pringing of money by Japan a :”black swan”:saying that once it began to print money it pushed the world monetary structure over the edge into a more tenuous situation,you probably thought this was hyperbole.Now you can see the import of my ideas.

My field ,Astrology ,offers a symbolic language which can be used to describe events but it has its own capability.

Please note that in mid August,this pattern will occur again,be advised that its effects could cause another negative series of events.



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