Obama’s Inuagural Capability

At the time of the original inauguration,I expressed my deep skepticism about his capability to govern, based on the chart of when he took office.In astrological terms, it couldn’t have been more negative:it took place under the endarkening miasma of a solar eclipse, at 6 degrees of Aquarius,tropically:Neptune,Rahu-otherwise known as the North Node,Jupiter,the Sun amd Mercury are all in Aquarius in the tenth house.

The tenth house of this chart,which serves as the chart of his presidency,called the mundane chart of his term,these planets gather in a fixed sign in the house connected to the operation of his power.

In the parlance of Astrology,a solar eclipse is considered as negative a factor in an inauguration chart that can ever occur.Eclipses of the Sun or Moon mean that the light of these bodies are cast into darkness.Since the Sun is the symbol for the President of the United States in the inauguration chart,this assumes more than a symbolic power.It means in simple terms that his “power” will come to be obliterated in some way

The planet Mercury,rules the second house,of money the country will take in or earn.Here it is going backwards to be burned by the Sun going into combustion:this is similar to Icarus getting his wings destroyed while flying with his father.It shows that the money the nation earns will be impeded,hurt by its contact from the president:symbolically,the Sun.

Moreover,Mercury when it is retrograde called:”walking backwards”by the Greek astrologers unravels monetary plans that are already being utilized so that they are no longer what they were.This means concepts connected to money will be changed in such a radical way they will no longer function as they did.

An exalted Mars rules the seventh house of this chart,showing that during his term of office,continuing through his second term,his enemies would be strond and it rules the twelfth house of debt,showing he would set up remarkablely high levals of debt.

Currently the April 25th eclipse of this year dovetails with this original inception chart for his time of office and repeats the symbolism of endarkenment,showing his power would be blotted out by immediate events.

In July,he will have a crisis with this timing coming to a head.

As in the time of Watergate for President Nixon,President Obama will find the planet Saturn actively carrying out negative effects in a serious way because it falls close to the seventh house of open enemies of this chart and squares the location where the Sun,Mercury,Jupiter and the Nodes originally fell.

This means that he is being brought to his knees by events which are coming from outside and are unremitting.



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