Remarks On My Obama Inauguration Post

Obviously what the words written describe, is an inauguration chart which ushered into the United States into a period where the country had its optimism obliterated;the President whose lot it was to be inaugurated at this time was set up by the planetary positions to go through the karmic drama so described.

This is one of the most negative inauguration charts any president has ever had to deal with because the symbol which represents him in this symbolic language of the chart is the Sun and it moves into a movement where it is cast into shadow.This means the President undergo a situation where he will have difficulty finding his way.

Why bother to describe this? To show what the problems might be in the initial setup of events,so that a new way of proceeding might be taken up,is the answer.

If we can describe something in this very particular language of the planets we are halfway there.

This president needs to go for a broader “light” to encompass the viewpoints of all the Americain people,not just his own projection-which comes from his particular background.Moreover,he should be aware of the strong weakness in this chart as regards the monetary picture of his country.This chart has large “signs” in it which tell of “danger” to our financial standing.


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