America:The Protector of The World

Many may wonder why the United States has taken upon itself to rush into countries who find themelves in the midst of peril:why does it serve as the “mother” of the world? Why indeed?

I would answer this question from the standpoint of the field of Astrology and answer it by saying that the answer is clear:The United States is a nation which was born on the fourth of July and this makes it a country where the Sun of its chart resides in the zodiacal sign of Cancer.

The sign of Cancer,a watery,cardinal sign has its symbol that of a crab.The crab has a tough outer shell but a vulnerable soft body within its armoured exoskeletal structure.It looks scary,from an animal standpoint,but  is sweet on the inside.

The sign Cancer,is one of four signs called:”cardinal signs”which bring about strong leadership .Most importantly though,the sun sign Cancer makes people who are motherly.

The reason we have such a high military budget and are more generous to other people than we are to ourselves is:we function as the world’s “mother” because of the nature of  this factor in our chart.



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