Will There Be Daylight:America?

As stated,in my article on the inauguration of President Obama,the chart which described his Presidency had large portents in it which presaged the bizarre world he has brought about.It shows that he would unravel many things:Mercury retrograde;that he would be an iconoclast:Sun Rahu,Mercury retrograde and that he would fashion his own,United States based on the rules he believes are better than the originators of the country saw fit to use.

Is this a good thing you ask; what will happen? Much of this is a matter of interpretation by Americains:who will dispose of the matter from whatever poltical position they hold dear.

If many see his breathtaking accretion of power as good:America will stay as he crafted it.If people dismantle the country repurposed in his own image,it may have a chance of ressembling the original concept of the Founding Fathers.

What is evident from the details of the spooky chart,from which his presidency began,is that he took office at a time which granted him more power than any previous president,and that like,Faust,he took it.

In early July,we will see more of what he did and the contest will begin.


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