The Royal Baby

Many readers are unaware that the monarchy of England has long had a royal astrologer in their life:Queen Elizabeth The First’s crowning was planned by her astrologer,John Dee in the seventeenth century.The chart of this has been passed down and can be viewed.

John Dee tried to curb certain negative traits of the young queen and put in her chart,for purposes of giving her immense power,the fixed star,Regulus.This star gives wealth,power and much jealousy.It is a royal star and is translated roughly as:”the heart of the lion”by the arabs.

This inaugural chart protected Elizabeth from her enemies and helped her gain her immense capability.

Since this time,the royals have often consulted well trained western astrologers to advise them and produced timing charts for important events in their lives.Timing was chosen by their astrologers to continue their power and good health.

It is known that Lady Diana employed the british astrologer,Peggy Thornton and seemed to set great store by her ideas.Unfortunately Miss Thornton,spoke to the press about matters which should have remained private,but apparently was a well trained individual-in western astrology.

When William and Kate wed,it is obvious that no competent astrologer was used to plan the timing of this event.The chart of the marriage has little merit.

The chart of the boy,delivered yesterday,is lackluster.There are no large stars.His Sun is in the last degree of the sign,Cancer,implying he will attain power late in life,if at all and the rest of the chart is not exceptional.

Although the boy may show some qualities of leadership he will have a problem with botched timing.He will zig when he should zag.He will be nurturing but in a way which will not help him.



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