J.P. Morgan

People who follow my blog have seen my accurate predictions on the timing of troubles with the fortunes of J.P.Morgan and Jamie Dimon,which were based using my expertise in Astrology.The point of posting them was to give a heads up to traders in the market that the large pattern system of astrology can add another leval to their recognition system of choice.It can be an adjunct which can show fresh ideas and trends they might not see with their current system.

My other point in so doing,was to show that if a corporation,or an individual can foresee periods of time frought with potential  adversity they can prepare for them fully and feather through  by refraining from action.This is how the field was used traditionally but because of the lack of quality in the practitioners of it in our time many cannot receive this advice.

There is a noxious atmosphere surrounding J.P.Morgan this year and in mid November it will resurface again.In part it is due to the “criminality”of some people in the company but ,in part,there is an ugly quality swirling around which can destroy it from without.

If Mr Dimon continues his forthright handling of all these adversities,offers clarity and avoids launching activities in November,all might be well.The game is his to lose now.We hope it works out well for him and the company.


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