Predictions Which Have Come True

Many ask why I spend so much time posting predictions in print to my readers.The answer is,because it demonstrates that the principles of astrology are viable and to offer some of its gifts to a world unfamiliar with it.

Three years ago in front of a business group of sixty people I predicted ahead of time,higher prices for wheat.This held true.

If you google the article,you can find my article predicting problems for J.P. Morgan and Jamie Dimon many months before they began to occur,Warning of severe negative effects and citing exact timings for mid-May and mid August 2013,as well as last November and February-mid months for both,as times when the danger would begin.Read this for yourselves.

A few weeks ago on Twitter I predicted earthquakes and giant storms for this week.I also said, a few days ago, it would continue for another ten days.This was accurate.

I predicted that this week would offer negative timing for real estate and be a harbinger of negativity in the world atmosphere.

I am hoping to offer my readers the heads up head of time on events,so that much of the potential negativity can be mitigated.


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