Romance:The Changes of The Past Year

The past year has for many,been a much more difficult year than normal for committed relationships.It seemed to many that they had a weirdly intense time: events appeared to conspire against them.No sooner did they dust themselves off vowing to put their problems behind them than  a new crisis appeared on their immediate horizon.They probably wondered why this was so.

Instead of boring the reader with astrological jargon,let us just say,there were certain patterns which brought this about and that they will contine through the end of next month.

What is positive about this, is that those relationships which have survived, have been proven to both parties to be very strong:based on real m sharing between the couple.They now know that what makes them a pair and why their bond is good.

If they survived this past year,they had a strong relationship,based on an emotional bond.

If their relationship did not past the tests of this year,then they know that undercurrents coming to the surface  showed them how their relationship was fragile.

You ask what some of these issues were ?They were issues connected to:money,power,jealousy and control.


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