New Predictions

Here are some predictions for the immediate future,not necessarily connected to each other:J.P. Morgan will have another intense period of negativity:November 7th through the 19th-this may be when the criminal charges promised will be lobbed,not matter,Mr Dimon will be in the fire and his company will have much adversity then.

The government will continue its agenda of blaming the big banks for all that is wrong with the ethics of the country.They will roll out their plan to tear large banks apart through the next year.October 27th through November 8th-another wave of this will begin,with a diferent tone and agenda.

During this time October 27th through November 8th some big secrets,big scandals about crime and corruption likely will surface in a big way.Moreover,this will further alienate the public.

At this time also,large,dangerous storms will be in evidence-some affecting the deep ocean-like typhoons but hurricanes could arise.Nasty weather will grip the United States.

A coolness in the attitude of the public will affect monetary matters and the buying of the public.They will be melancholy and loathe to spend money.People will be suffering from depression and ill health at a high leval.

Food poisoning,the tainting of meat-especially beef could begin in a large trend this week.A new large virus could come through never seen before that will be really dangerous.

Banks will have treacherous problems in ways not seen before.

Darwinian takeover situations will begin anew-especially beginning in this week.

A high incidence of heart problems,high blood pressure,and spinal problems will begin to afflict people for the year.


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