Transformation:Death and Rebirth

Many positive effects occur immediately after negative events are completed.Many times we are so horrified by what appears to be a wholly destructive event,we do not pause to consider how it might be a ;”blessing in disguise”.As in the movies of Alfred Hitchcock -when a character in peril momentarily hangs from a cliff while a a villain steps on their hands-adversity can be a deceptive term.No transformation occurs without the crucible of suffering,loss of hope and the endarkenment of the person’s world.

Death of old things is a necessary part of the transformation cycle which begins with a death of the old,moves to a loss of self and concludes with the establishment of a new mode of seeing the world.Without this process,we would stay stagnant.

Although the events of the next eleven days may have a negative atmosphere emotionally to many,it will serve to bring about rapid change to new matters.Rather than making decisions at this time,it will be useful to voluntarily let the ;”old things die” and then,when it is completed,begin to build new ways of living in the world.



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1 thought on “Transformation:Death and Rebirth”

  1. Wow, it feels very much that this is exactly what I’ve gone through over the past few weeks. this began for me near the full moon in Oct and is coming full circle now.

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