Romance:Give Me Something I Can Dance To:Current Trends

Many of you who were in committed relationships found that the year past brought out the dark side of your paramour.You thought the relationship would bring you only happiness,but found instead,that turmoil bubbling underneath its structure came up from the depths to inform you otherwise. You are NOT alone in this.This has been a large trend in relationships and began last year at this time.

The good news is,you have been through a major testing of the ties that bind you and now know much of what was previously hidden.This can be good,in that you are not now wasting your time,but you may now be viewing matters through too murky a lense and need to be a tad more upbeat.

By having a chart comparison done you might be better able to balance the way you operate with that of your partner and learn how to better communicate.Astrology offers many clues to how to characterize the modalities in which you interact.Everyone has their own way.


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