New Predictions:December 2013

A mood of ;”the ends justify the means”will continue to operate within many societies of the world.The ugly side of human behavior will come to the fore.This trend is not new and has been happening since last fall.It will continue through the end of the year.There is an astrological reason for it.

Temperatures in the world will be much colder than normal this winter.

Real estate will begin to be unstable in April and should be carefully researched.The underlying facts supporting investments in it should be carefully researched.If they are only based on hope,think again.

The scrutiny of banks will continue UNABATED.Money:currency will be horribly difficult to follow because of secret deals investors will NEVER fathom.Be careful….!

Governments will try to control banking but do all the wrong things.There will be a lot of laws offered by various countries this year on this subject.Draconian measures will be offered.The value of any currency will not be dependable and hence,will prove a risky thing to invest in.

Many secrets will continue to bubble up from the surface all over the world.This is good because many more seriously wrong behavior will be exposed.

I am not a trader or financial analyst,merely an astrologer.



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