Vladamir Putin:His Russian Spring

It will come as no surprise that Vladamir Putin has the chart of a DICTATOR by nature:he is an absolutist about keeping control of everything in his world.He views Russia as his domain:his to do with as he deems fit.

It will come as no surprise that Dictator Putin has MANY enemies- who are plotting to remove him from power.They have not found an opening YET,but they are planning their MACHAVELLIAN campaign to get rid of him.Many think he is impervious:invulnerable to attack,but in the realm of Astrology-we know that this is a FICTION.Every dictator eventually will have times in his or her life,when timing will go against him and will find they have an Achilles heel:the timing will leave them exposed to harm.The time is upon him.

April will be a “cruel month”for this mighty man who has managed to accomplish so much.Russia has been HIS to rule and fashion in his own image;for after ALL,Putin clearly can be seen to be a narcissist.Russia must be made in his IMAGE.If sections of the country refuse he hammers them with his WILL until they obey.April will surprise him because in April,Putin will suffer a major vulnerability of body and intellect.In April,Dicator Putin may “fall”from power-or at least, begin to.His number will begin to be up then.

His vulnerability will continue for the year ahead,begining in April and by the end of the year,he very possibly will no longer preside over Russia.This escalation of risk for him will be fascinating to watch for students of history.



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