Maria Bartilomo:Sitting In The Catbird Seat

At nine in the morning,February 24th, Ms. Bartilomo begins her tenure as THE stellar business news anchor of Fox News;a post for which she is consummately suited.We can judge this from the chart this time offers her.It is her SIGNATURE written in the language of the PLANETS and it is a beautiful one.This chart will describe the details of her show,so long as it EXISTS.

The chart clearly shows that Fox has her on a pedestal,Mars their ruler,”exalts her 10th house-her public persona.They like her conservative discerning attitude which expresses THEIRS.They consider her mind capable of weighty thoughts:what they are seeking in this post.

The Moon in the chart reflecting her PUBLIC is in Capricorn:they are CONSERVATIVE.Capricorn is the sign of conservative thought.So the “emotional mood”of the show:it’s emotional atmosphere will be conservative and will have conservative viewers.

The planet Venus,which describes Ms. Bartilomo,is in Capricorn too showing she is conservative in her ideas and is in “mutual reception”to the ruler of the seventh house-the Fox Company-by exaltation.The fact that the planet Saturn:which is the planet of Conservatism itself does this shows- she embodies a dream of the people she is working for and the public.

Mars is on the “angle”of the seventh house but is not malevolent because it is being bond up in the exaltation pattern.Mars here,shows her public and the company are fiercely brave:feisty-here conjunct the North Node of raw power.Called ,Rahu in Vedic Astrology welcoming Mars in a sign she RULES.This means her followers will tap into the airwaves and what the public WANT.

Although we see Mercury retrograde moving into the FIRE of the Sun-the Sun rules the house of creativity-the fifth,rules the 2nd of money being created and the 12th,the house of losses:hidden information.Here we see this potentially negative pattern used by HER to “shine a light”on financial matters which have been hidden.

This is an example of how a lucky person obtains LUCK in what might have been a bad period of time and TRIUMPHS.


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