My Predictions Which Have Come True

Those that follow me on Twitter know the quality of my work.For those that don’t normally follow me on Twitter I would like to give some of my recent predictions which have been accurate.I will begin with those of this week:beginning on Monday,April,14 2014:on Monday I predicted that the Ukraine,Putin and Russsia would move the markets DOWN.The next day,April 14th shots were fired in the Ukraine and the market plunged.Prediction proven.

In late March I wrote;”the value of value,banks currencies and metals will start a large trend of CHANGE””value moving quickly”.What happened,the C.O. of J.P. Morgan went to the Carlyle Group and the value of J.P.Morgan went down.The large banks were scrutinized as possibly having their value DIMINISHED.Gold went up and now,April 15th 2014 has come back down.The FED tried to infuse the markets but yielded no visable results.

March 26th I said that there would be a large negative “atmosphere of melancholy and suspicion in the market”on Friday the 28th the market plunged precipitously.There was a feeling of NEGATIVITY which traders acted on.

Before winter took place I predicted there would be a “colder than normal winter”on my blog.So it PROVED.

If you google J.P.Morgan read my article where I predicted BEFOREHAND that J.P.Morgan and Jamie Dimon would have an elplosive negative entire year ahead.So IT proved.


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